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The List of Chocolate Tempering Equipment You Must Have

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Tempering chocolate can be a daunting task for those who are inexperienced. There are scientific theories and several methods to tempering you need to understand. Before delving into the list of chocolate tempering equipment, you need to understand what tempering actually is and what you need to pay attention to when tempering. 

In this article, we have listed several types of equipment for tempering that you can use, depending on what you have and the method you prefer. Here is the list of chocolate tempering equipment you must have:

  1. Double Boiler
  2. Microwave
  3. Melter
  4. Thermometer
  5. Rubber spatula
  6. Granite or marble surface
  7. Scraper
  8. Tempering machine

8 chocolate tempering equipment you need


1. double boiler

When tempering your chocolate, the first thing you need to do is melt the chocolate. There are several ways to do this, and the most popular method is by bain-marie or double boiler. In this method, you will need a pan, a bowl that has a bigger diameter than the pan, and a stove. You also want to have a kitchen cloth or towel ready.

2. microwave

Another way to melt the chocolate is by using a microwave. This method is perfect for home bakers or people who want to melt chocolate the simple way. You can use your regular microwave at home for this. Make sure to place the chocolate in a glass or a microwave-safe plastic bowl.

3. melter

If you are a business owner, you might want to invest in a melter. A chocolate melter or chocolate warmer is a large pan set in a water bath. You can control the temperature of the water, which then heats up the pan and warms the chocolate at the temperature you want.

You can not only melt the chocolate using this tool, but it can also keep your chocolate at a certain temperature. This is useful if you want to keep the chocolate melted. When using a melter, stir the chocolate regularly to keep the chocolate at the bottom of the pan from caramelizing, especially for white chocolate.

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4. rubber spatula

When melting chocolate, you need to make sure that the chocolate melts evenly, whether it’s in a bain-marie, a microwave, or a melter. It is, therefore, important to use a rubber spatula to mix the chocolate well.

5. thermometer

Because the process of tempering is essentially bringing the chocolate to certain temperatures, it is very important to pay attention to the temperature of the chocolate. Therefore, you need a thermometer. Several types of thermometers can be used, such as instant-read thermometer, candy thermometer and infrared thermometer.

That said, there are ways to temper chocolate without using a thermometer, albeit a bit trickier. Read the article here.

6. granite or marble surface

Some chefs swear by using a granite or marble surface to temper their chocolate. This technique is also called tabling. This is due to the fact that granite and marble surfaces help to cool down chocolate faster, making it easier to bring the chocolate’s temperature down.

For tempering chocolate, you don’t necessarily need to set up a granite or marble countertop in your kitchen. You can also use a granite or marble slab.

7. scraper

When tempering chocolate on a granite or marble surface, you need a scraper to handle the chocolate. It is used to spread the chocolate and work on it to cool it down.

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8. tempering machine

As the name suggests, a tempering machine is an electronic appliance that is designed to automate the process of tempering. The gadget does this by bringing the chocolate to a specific temperature, from melting the chocolate, cooling it, to then getting it to its working temperature. The machine also has a stirrer that mixes the chocolate when tempering and can also keep the chocolate melted at a certain temperature.

Those are the tools you need to temper chocolate. But of course, what you use to temper your chocolate is not the only important thing. You also need to pick the most suitable chocolate for your needs. For versatile couverture chocolate with high fluidity, use Embassy Chocolate products. Visit our contact page for more information.

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