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Bali Single Origin
Dark Chocolate 69%

A rich, long-lasting chocolate with a subtle undertone of bitterness and a touch of fruity notes. 

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What is the Embassy Single Origin Chocolate?
In our years of providing quality couverture chocolate products to food service professionals, we have been looking to create a truly special product: couverture chocolate that not only showcases how complex a chocolate flavour profile can be, but also has a performance that complies with our high standard, and more importantly, is sustainable.

Through a rigorous research & development process, we are proud to present our Embassy Single Origin.

The Embassy Bali Single Origin is an exclusive, limited edition collection that features bean-to-bar chocolate with a unique character that delightfully engages the five senses – perfect for pastry chefs looking for a one-of-a-kind flavour for their applications. 

Bali, The Island of The Gods

As the first couverture chocolate brand from Indonesia, we couldn't miss the opportunity to create a single-origin chocolate from our own motherland. We have selected Balinese cocoa beans for their unique cacao flavour profile and sustainable cultivation process.


The Embassy Bali Single Origin Dark Chocolate 69% is an exclusive, limited edition bean-to-bar chocolate with a complex flavor profile. 

It is suitable for premium foodservice businesses looking to provide a unique and limited-edition taste experience for their customers.

Suitable for:
Enrobing, Molding, Ganache, Mousse, Pastry Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Pralines, Cake Batter and more.

Bali 1kg Content



Product Details


Packaging & Certifications

4J0A9638 ESO bali-1
4J0A9671 ESO bali
4J0A9812 ESO bali

Complex flavour profile

If chocolate is the star of your application, then the Bali Single Origin 69% has a complex flavour profile that will deliciously provide a premium quality to your food products.


An exclusive & limited-edition product

Due to its limited quantity, food businesses can provide a premium and memorable experience for their customers. 

Paper + Kaca Pembesar

Traceable & sustainable

Our cocoa beans are cultivated using sustainable cultivation practices. Pass this benefit on to your customers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

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Using cocoa beans sourced from Bali, Indonesia, this product is Proudly produced in Indonesia for food service professionals.

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