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Davao Single Origin
Chocolate Bars

The first ever bean-to-bar dark chocolate bars from Embassy Chocolate, made using cocoa beans from Davao, the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines. 

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What is the Embassy Single Origin Chocolate?
In our years of providing quality couverture chocolate products to food service professionals, we have been looking to create a truly special product: couverture chocolate that not only showcases how complex a chocolate flavour profile can be, but also has a performance that complies with our high standard, and more importantly, is sustainable.

Through a rigorous research & development process, we are proud to present our Embassy Single Origin.

The Embassy Davao Single Origin is an exclusive, limited edition collection that features bean-to-bar chocolate with a unique character that delightfully engages the five senses – perfect for pastry chefs who are looking for a one-of-a-kind flavour for their applications. 

Davao, The Official Chocolate Capital of the Philippines

We chose Davao as the origin for our Embassy Single Origin inaugural product because of its exceptional cacao flavour profile and sustainability aspects. Our cacao bean supplier actively participates in the MEDA Resilience and Inclusion through Investment for Sustainable Agrikultura project, assisting smallholder farmers in cultivating cacao through sustainable practices.

Embassy Davao Single Origin 62% Dark Chocolate with Banana & Cocoa Nibs

Dark chocolate with tropical fruit flavour, with pieces of caramelized banana & cocoa nibs

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Davao 40g banana-1

Embassy Davao Single Origin 64% Dark Chocolate with Strawberry

Floral and fruity dark chocolate with sweet & tangy strawberry flakes

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Davao 40g strawberry - 1

Embassy Davao Single Origin 67% Dark Chocolate

Intense dark chocolate with a tropical fruit flavour and a hint of roasted nuts

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Davao 40g plain 1-1


davao single origin 62% with banana & cocoa nibs

davao single origin 64% with strawberry

davao single origin 67% dark chocolate


Complex flavour profile

The Davao Single Origin has a wonderfully complex flavour profile that engages your five senses



Indulge in a unique & memorable chocolate bar that's like no other, available for a limited amount of time

Paper + Kaca Pembesar

Traceable & sustainable

Our cocoa beans are cultivated using sustainable cultivation practices

Proudly Asian Logo


Our bean-to-bar chocolate is proudly made in Indonesia using our modern facility

Interested to Try?


The Davao Single Origin Chocolate Bars are available at Kiosk Cokelat official store


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Davao 40g all 3-3
Davao 40g all 1-2
Davao 40g all 2-2