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What Is White Couverture Chocolate?

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Chocolate reigns supreme when it comes to the pastry and baking world. Pastry chefs spend years honing their skills and mastery of chocolate. Couverture chocolate is a must for any high-end bakery, patisserie, restaurant, or confectionery business. If you’d like to read more about couverture chocolate, you can read our blog post “What is Couverture Chocolate?”. This article will talk about the most delicate type of chocolate, white couverture chocolate.

what is white couverture chocolate?

What is white couverture chocolate? To understand this question, you must first understand what couverture chocolate is. Briefly, couverture chocolate is high-quality chocolate made predominantly from cocoa butter and cocoa mass and a few other ingredients to help its viscosity and flavor profile. It is often used in high-end baked goods, pastry, and confectionery applications. More often than not, it requires a tempering process to give it a firm snap and its quintessential glossy appearance.

White chocolate often has more cocoa butter content than most dark couverture chocolate products, with a hint of vanilla, sugar, and milk ingredients to give it that smooth, creamy, and milky taste.

Uses of white couverture chocolate

Bakers and chocolatiers use white couverture chocolate in their recipes. White couverture chocolate is a high-quality product utilized to make different chocolate bars, pralines, and even as a chocolate ganache piped in between cake layers or as a coating or filling for their pastry products. The beauty of white chocolate is that it acts as a white canvas for any coloring and chocolate decoration needs.

We often see our clients make luscious white chocolate bars with inclusions such as nuts, dried fruits, fruit flavorings, and coffee beans to give it a new flavor dimension. As shown below, our in-house chefs also use white chocolate for their colorful praline creations.

white chocolate creation 1


white chocolate creation 2

You can use white chocolate for any food application you can think of.

Want to make a white chocolate mousse? No problem.

Or how about blondies with a creamy, runny white chocolate filling that oozes out as you cut into it?

Whether it's a white chocolate berry cheesecake or a white chocolate cake, everything is possible with this versatile chocolate product. Visit our recipe page if you’re in the mood for supremely delicious recipes.

Where can I buy white chocolate?

If you are looking for a luscious, creamy, and milky-tasting white chocolate, then consider trying our Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%. Unlike many other white chocolate brands, the Embassy Zen uses real vanilla extract to give you premium-tasting white chocolate suitable for your bakery, pastry, and confectionery needs. Our Embassy Chocolate products are produced in Indonesia. We like to call it: International Quality, Made Locally.

Embassy is a couverture chocolate brand that is #ProudlyAsian and is for people who support Asian products and locally sourced ingredients.

Should you have a question about our white chocolate or if you wish to speak to a sales person, click the “Contact Us” button below, and one of our knowledgeable sales reps will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

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