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White Vs Dark Chocolate: When to Use Them

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Chocolate is, without a doubt, one of the most popular confections in the world. Some studies suggest many health benefits you get from taking the right amount of chocolate; others claim eating chocolate mimics the feeling of falling in love. Whatever the reason, chocolate is one of the most beloved confections. 

Chocolate is known for its deep brown color, but it also comes in a white variety.  White and dark chocolate varies in composition. The main ingredients in dark chocolate are cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sugar, whereas white chocolate does not contain cocoa mass and has milk solids.

They also vary in taste, creating a difference in preferences among consumers. Dark chocolate is more “chocolate-like”, it has the quintessential bitterness due to the cocoa mass. On the other hand, white chocolate is sweeter and creamier. 

The uses of these two types of chocolate will vary depending on the circumstances of taste and texture.

4 dark chocolate uses

1. chocolate muffins

chocolate muffins

Stirring liquid chocolate into muffin batter is one way to give your muffins that chocolatey intensity. The addition of chocolate chips will provide an extra dimension of chocolate flavor and texture with a slightly bitter aftertaste to give your chocolate muffin more complexity.

2. dark chocolate chip cookies

double choco chip cookies

Adding dark chocolate chips to your cookies is another favorite addition in the cookie world. You can pair the chocolate chips with dates or nuts to give it a unique flavor dimension. The natural sweetness of the dates is paired with the slight bitterness from the chocolate for a perfect and portable snack.

3. chocolate waffles

chocolate waffles

Adding melted chocolate to your waffle batter is a simple way to make some delicious chocolate waffles. The combination gives the crunchy texture of waffles a sweet and chocolatey twist. 

4. dark chocolate sauce

chocolate sauce

Already delicious ice creams, milkshakes, and pudding products can all be uplifted with the addition of melted chocolate dark, milk, or white chocolate sauce. Simply melt any of our Embassy Chocolate coin products and pour it over any dessert and enjoy!

5 white chocolate uses

1. baking

white chocolate baking

White chocolate is an ideal ingredient for baking cookies, muffins, and brownies or can be used to make ganache or buttercream filling for a cake. White chocolate is also commonly used as a canvas for any food coloring applications that you may want to add to any of your baked creations. However, the higher sugar content may require you to reduce the sugar levels in your overall recipe.

2. dipped strawberries

white dipped strawberry

People often relate dipped strawberries with dark chocolate. However, you can just as easily use white chocolate and dip your strawberries in them as a delicious dessert or romantic snack. Apart from the rich creamy milk taste, it’s visually appealing as well.

3. hot white chocolate

hot white chocolate

Hot white chocolate is a fantastic alternative to a cup of hot dark chocolate, especially on chilly nights. If you do not like the taste of dark chocolate due to the bitterness, then white chocolate may be the perfect alternative. 

4. cake decoration

white chocolate decoration

With its color, white chocolate creates contrast when used in almost any cake decoration. It is also used as a canvas for adding food coloring to pastries, bread, and cakes. Simply melt white chocolate and add cocoa butter coloring and color away!

5. white chocolate fillings and ganache

white chocolate cake

Given its creamy texture and sweetness, white chocolate cream may act as whipping cream for lime and peach pies. You can create a white chocolate ganache or even add additional flavorings such as lemon, strawberry jam, or vanilla to give it a more complex flavor profile. Pipe your white chocolate ganache in between cake layers to give your cake that creamy texture.

finishing thoughts

When it comes to pastries, don’t underestimate the use of white and dark chocolate to uplift your products. Chocolate sells and on top of that, they are a pastry chef’s best friend and the perfect ingredient to create sellable flavor combinations that your customers will love.

If you’re interested to try our #ProudlyAsian white and dark couverture chocolate, you can check out our Products page. Also, don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our high-quality couverture chocolate products.


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