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Best Chocolate for Dipping Fruits and Nuts

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Dipping food in chocolate is a creative way for you to offer your customers a higher-priced item that is delicious. Let's take the example of strawberry-covered chocolate. When selling it covered with chocolate, it’s a simple way to increase the selling price of such menu items.

what chocolate goes best with nuts?

chocolate nuts

The best chocolate for dipping nuts is couverture chocolate. However, which type of couverture chocolate depends on the preferences of the consumer. You can essentially use milk, white, or dark couverture chocolate to cover almost any nuts.

Some of our favorite nuts to dip in chocolate are peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans.

Some of our favorite nuts to dip in chocolate are peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans. We recommend using high-quality chocolate to avoid a greasy or gritty mouthfeel and overly sweet dipping chocolate.

Try using couverture chocolate that has a higher cocoa content! Anything with a cocoa content above 60%, like Embassy Oceanic Dark Chocolate Couverture 65% will work perfectly. These kinds of couverture chocolate have more complex flavors and pair well with the nutty flavors of the different nuts.

But for those that prefer a sweeter and creamier chocolate, we recommend using milk chocolate, such as Embassy Azalea Milk Chocolate Couverture 34%, to balance out the flavor profile.  Alternatively, you can also use white chocolate, like our Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33% to balance out the flavors from the nuts.

what chocolate goes best with fruits?

chocolate fruit

Fruit and chocolate make for a harmonious combination. The different flavor profiles in chocolate and fruit can complement each other quite magically.

Fruits have a wider range of flavors, even more so than nuts. You have sweet, citrus, bitter, and sour flavors. Some fruits have milder flavor profiles and some that have strong and punchy flavors. You can also dip orange slices, pineapples, apple slices, banana slices, and any other sweet or tart fruits in chocolate to achieve a delicious balance of sweet and fruit flavors.

We recommend pairing milk and white chocolate with fruits that have strong flavors, especially berries and fruits high in acidity. The milkiness and creaminess of the white and milk chocolate will help compliment the strong flavors of such fruits.

When it comes to fruits that are already very sweet, we recommend using dark chocolate to help counteract the sweetness and give balance to the overall combined flavor profile of the fruit and chocolate.

When it comes to milder flavored fruits, both milk and dark chocolate have been known to work. Try Embassy Continental Dark Chocolate Couverture 75% for a rich and decadent flavor profile. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to you and your customers. Everyone's tastes and preferences differ. Therefore we recommend that you experiment with different nuts and fruits and combine them with different chocolates.  You may be surprised at the wonderful combinations you can come up with.

what type of chocolate is best for melting and dipping?

chocolate for dipping

For the best melting and dipping, couverture chocolate works best. The higher cocoa butter percentage in this type of chocolate helps it to melt more smoothly for dipping. It also makes it easier to control the thickness of your chocolate dipping: you can easily create an even, thin layer of chocolate with this type of chocolate.

However, you still need to ensure that your couverture chocolate for dipping is well-tempered. A properly tempered chocolate has a glossier look, giving your fruit- or nut-coated chocolate a more beautiful appearance. Not only that, it also gives the chocolate a better mouthfeel. 

Couverture chocolate remains one of the best choices for melting and dipping fruits and nuts. Using a high-quality couverture chocolate couverture also impacts how the end product tastes and looks. Couverture chocolates may have varying cocoa content and complex flavors themselves. Much like pairing wine and food, the same principles of complementing and contrasting flavors apply.

Embassy Chocolate offers a select range of couverture chocolate from blended cocoa beans and takes into consideration characteristics such as aroma, taste, acidity, and melting point behavior for better melting and performance for pastry, confectionery, and baking applications. 

Download our product brochure to learn more about our products or speak to one of our consultants for a price quote.

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