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How to make the white chocolate sauce in under 10 minutes

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If you are looking for a delicious and unique chocolate source, perfect for a wide range of use – from glazing a cake to mixing it into your favorite coffee drink, the white chocolate source is for you.

Ingredients-wise, this dairy-based sauce is similar to other chocolate sauces, only that it is made with white chocolate. But in application, a white chocolate sauce can add a wonderful flavor to your creations that is much different from other types of chocolate. It’s also very easy to make. With just 2 ingredients, a microwave, and a 10-minute preparation time, you end up with a delicious ganache fit for almost everything. 

making the perfect white chocolate sauce

Just before we dive into the recipe, here is a little information about the source.

The consistency of the white chocolate sauce should be thick enough to glaze a cake to satisfaction and thin enough to easily mix into a nice coffee drink. You can also use the cream for decorating cakes, dressing up pancakes, drizzling or decorating ice cream, and making delicious hot chocolate. 

The simplest ingredients may produce the best outcome in terms of consistency and stability. However, some people may prefer to use more ingredients in the recipe such as vanilla and half-and-half. Some may replace cream with some milk and some butter. All of these are acceptable since the recipe is just a guide, and the way you implement it is an art in itself.

make white chocolate sauce

Recipes should be practical; and the shorter and simpler, the better. Let’s get into it. 


  • White chocolate: You will want to use high-quality chocolate. Chocolate coins like our Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33% make it easier for you to melt the chocolate evenly. We recommend staying away from low-quality chocolate chips; the stabilizer in them may reduce the sauce's smoothness.
  • Heavy cream: Heavy cream gives the highest fat content. Therefore, it is easier to work it out to a desired thickness of the sauce and cater to all your saucing needs. However, in the absence of heavy cream, you can use any other form of cream to make a white chocolate sauce. The difference will be with the final sauce texture. 

special tools needed

  • A microwave
  • A microwave-safe bowl or a Pyrex pitcher


  1. Add the ingredients to a microwave-safe bowl. The ratio of the mixture of chocolate to cream should be 2:1. 
  2. First round: Microwave for 50 seconds on 50% power, then stir.
  3. Second round: Place the mixture back in the microwave again for 25 seconds on the same amount of power and then stir until the chocolate's completely blended.
  4. Third round: In case the mixture is not yet fully melted and blended, you can place it back in the microwave for 12 seconds with the same power percentage. 
  5. Once fully melted and blended, store your sauce or refrigerate it to thicken after it has cooled. 
  6. Use directly from the fridge. Enjoy your sauce!

And just like that, in under ten minutes, you have a delicious, tasty, and unique flavor of white chocolate sauce. 

tips while making white chocolate sauce

Here are some extra tips to help you make the perfect white chocolate sauce for your pastries and desserts:

  • Allow the time intervals to keep the white chocolate from burning. It is better to get it out sooner than heating it for too long and having your chocolate burnt, you can always put it inside the microwave again if needed.
  • To avoid difficulty in the process and in blending, use high-quality chocolate that does not have waxy stabilizers.
  • The microwave should also not be used at full power. It will get too hot and burn your chocolate before it is completely melted. 

When it comes to pastries and desserts, don’t underestimate the influence of high-quality chocolate to uplift the flavor. High-quality chocolate Chocolate is a pastry chef’s best friend; it's the perfect ingredient to create delicious products your customers will love!

If you’re interested to try our #ProudlyAsian white chocolate, you can check out our Products page. Also, don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our high-quality couverture chocolate products.

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