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6 More Delicious Chocolate Cake Variations for Your Business

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Who doesn’t love chocolate cakes? We know you love it so much that even after giving 6 Types of Chocolate Cakes for your business, we’re back to give you more chocolate cake variations.

Here are 6 more delicious chocolate cake variations that you can sell at your cake shop, restaurant, or cafe.

6 Delicious Chocolate Cake Variations

1. Sachertorte


Source: Viking Cruises (Pinterest)

Sachertorte is a famous classic chocolate cake from Austria. It has three layers of chocolate sponge cake with thick layers of apricot jam spread between each layer and on the top and sides of the cake. It is traditionally served with a side dish of unsweetened whipped cream.

The cake was invented In 1832 by pastry chef Franz Sacher. At the time, the Austrian State Chancellor Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich ordered the court’s kitchen to create a new cake. The head chef was sick and the team of cooks had no idea what to prepare. Sacher, who was a 16-year-old apprentice cook at the time, came up with this cake using the ingredients available.

2. Chocolate mousse cake

french chocolate mousse cake

Mousse cake is a type of dessert that has an airy texture. The word ‘mousse’ itself literally translates to “foam” in French, due to its light structure. Chocolate mousse cake is probably the most well-loved flavor.

Mousse cake was first invented in France in the eighteenth century. Before the sweet mousse we commonly see today, it was the savoury type of mousse that was first created; the sweet mousse that we know today was invented a century later, in the mid-19th century. It was Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, who was interestingly not a chef or a cook, but a bohemian painter. Although he was a painter, Toulouse-Lautrec had a background as a cook and spent a lot of his time trying to make new creations.

3. Black forest

Black forest

Source: Wife Mama Foodie (Pinterest)

Black forest cake is one of the most popular cakes. Almost every cake shop has this cake on its menu. This classic cake is a chocolate sponge cake that usually has two to three layers with cream in between. Black forest cake is usually decorated with cream, chocolate shaving, and cherries.

This cake originated in Germany where it was initially called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which means Black Forest Cherry Torte or Gateau in German.

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4. Devil’s food cake

Devil’s food cake

Source: Serious Eats (Pinterest)

Devil's Food Cake is loved for its intense chocolate flavor and the chocolate buttercream frosting which covers the whole cake, making this cake suitable for all occasions. It has a very moist and rich chocolate texture, with cocoa powder as its main ingredient.

This cake got its name in the late 1900s as an antipode to the angel food cake that was popular at that time. Its red-orange color is due to its cocoa powder content, and the amount of chocolate in it has earned it the name devil's food cake.

5. Torta caprese

Torta caprese

Source: Homebeccanomics (Pinterest)

Torta Caprese is a Capri Island specialty cake. It is characterized by its dense chocolate texture and a layer of powdered sugar on top of the cake. It is often garnished with halved strawberries or raspberries, sometimes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

This Italian cake is known for the lack of flour in its ingredients. It is made using dark chocolate, eggs, almonds, sugar, and butter. Many believe that it was invented by mistake when a cook forgot to put the flour in the recipe.

6. German chocolate cake

German chocolate cake

Source: Yoga of Cooking (Pinterest)

German chocolate cake consists of three layers of buttermilk sponge and chocolate, combined with desiccated coconut and peanuts. It is well known for its distinct icing: instead of a traditional buttercream or meringue, the icing is more of a custard. It is then garnished with more desiccated coconuts and pecans, and sometimes with cherries.

Although it’s called the “German” chocolate cake, it is, in fact, an American invention from the year 1852. It was named after Sam German, who invented baking chocolate for Baker’s chocolate company.

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3 Tips for Baking the Perfect Chocolate Cake

Before you start making these scrumptious cakes, there are several things you need to pay attention to. Here are 5 basic tips for baking the perfect chocolate cake that often overlooked but are very important if you want your cake to come out with the best result.

1. Follow the recipe

This might sound obvious, but this is one of the most overlooked things.

In making cakes, it is really important that you follow the recipe as intended. We might think to substitute ingredients based on what we have on hand, whether reducing sugar or using all-purpose flour instead of cake flour. 

The thing is, different ingredients are used for their own reasons. Unless the recipe tells you what alternative ingredients can be used, we suggest to follow the recipe as stated.

2. Make sure the ingredients are at the right temperature

Same as the principle in the first tip, the term “room temperature” is added to a recipe for a reason. Ingredients like eggs and fat such as butter, cream and milk perform differently at different temperatures. In particular, cold-temperature ingredients do not emulsify well will other ingredients, so making sure that your ingredients are in the right temperature is very important to prevent having your cake come out not as expected.

3. Allow to cool completely

It sure is very tempting to eat or decorate your cake right out of the oven, but don’t! At this point, the flavors in the cake hasn’t settled yet, and the hot temperature will make all your assembling and decorating pointless as it will immediately melt off.

Place your cake on a wire rack and leave it until completely cooled.This way, your cake will cool faster and more evenly.

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