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6 Delicious Chocolate Macaron Filling Ideas

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When strolling to a cafe or a patisserie, you are bound to find macarons on the display shelf. Macarons have been so popular over the years, that it’s quite the sweets you must have at your own shop!

One of the great things about macarons is that there are endless flavors variations. Even with one flavor variation like the chocolate macarons, which is one of the most popular macaron flavor, there are still so many filling ideas that you can combine it with.

Wondering what fillings you can use for your chocolate macarons? Look no further! Read this article to get delicious chocolate macaron filling ideas.

What are Macarons, and Why Are They So Popular?

These adorable treats are just perfect for sweet tooths out there. If you are not familiar with what macarons really are yet, macarons are a sweet meringue-based confection made from a mixture of egg whites, icing sugar, and almond powder.

You might wonder then, why are macarons so popular?

1. They are adorably aesthetic

This might sound like a basic reason, but people really love foods that look cute. In Asia in particular, consumers prefer something cute over food that looks elegant. With the variety of colors that they come in, and with pretty packaging to follow, macarons are worth it for their cuteness alone.

Not to mention that nowadays, it’s all about social media. With their aesthetics, macarons are the perfect subject for photography.

2. Macarons make excellent gifts

With their aesthetic appeal and easy-to-carry property, macarons make the perfect gift for loved ones. They also have a quite long shelf life, which makes it possible for the receiver to savor them for longer.

3. Macarons go well with beverages

As a sweet dessert, macarons complement bitter drinks perfectly. And we all know that coffee and tea are the most popular beverage to drink, whether in the hasty morning or in the slow afternoon. Of course, macarons are also very delicious to eat on their own, but add a beverage on the side and it becomes an even more special treat.

Classic Macaron Fillings

With their sweet and delicious taste, macarons can be combined with all different kinds of filling. Let’s talk about the classic fillings first, which are basically failproof if you are a beginner in making macarons.

1. Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Since a long time ago, macarons are known for having dark chocolate as a filling. Besides the fact that it balances the sweetness of the macaron, dark chocolate also gives a classic touch to this sweet treat. The crunchy texture of the macaron combined with smooth dark chocolate will, without a doubt, indulge those who eat it. 

Not to mention, if you use Embassy Chocolate’s dark couverture chocolate, your macaron will surely taste even better. We recommend our Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 65% for its well-balanced bittersweet taste.

2. Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream

This filling is typically loved by the French. Why? Because since it was first invented, macarons had vanilla buttercream as a filling. This filling might be sweet, but it tastes really light on the tongue and melts in the mouth really well.

4 Delicious Chocolate Macaron Filling Ideas

With light, small desserts like macarons, the more flavors you have on your menu, the more attractive your macarons become, especially if you have different colors to go with. Now that we know the classic flavors for macarons, let’s start to get creative! Here are 4 delicious chocolate macaron filling ideas for you.

1. Mango Ganache

Mango Ganache

To add freshness to your macarons, mango ganache cream is a good idea. The sweet and refreshing taste of the mango, with the smooth texture of the ganache cream, will make your macarons delightful. For the macarons, you can use white chocolate and add orangish-yellow food coloring to represent the mango.

2. Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache

Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache

Put a twist on a simple white chocolate ganache by infusing it with earl grey tea. This flavor is perfect if you want to add a mild and calming flavor to your macaron menu. You can infuse the tea in water before mixing with the macaron filling ganache, or you can infuse it in cream for a richer ganache. The longer you infuse the tea, the more concentrated the flavor will be.

3. Malted Chocolate Ganache

Malted Chocolate Ganache

Instead of the usual dark chocolate ganache, add malted milk powder to add an old-fashioned malt flavor. This really brings out the rich chocolate flavor, making the macaron filling taste like a decadent chocolate milkshake. You can use dark chocolate for an intense chocolate flavor or use milk chocolate for an even stronger milkshake flavor. You can also use a combination of both to get the best of both worlds.

4. White Chocolate Vanilla Ganache

White Chocolate Vanilla Ganache

If you want a macaron filling with a milky character, use white chocolate in your ganache mixture. With just cream, vanilla extract, and melted white chocolate, you can get a smooth and delicious filling. You can get creative with the color of the macaron itself, as white chocolate is the perfect blank canvas to add colors into.

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