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How To Make A Shiny And Glossy Chocolate Ganache

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Making your chocolate ganache shiny is extremely easy, actually, and it requires one secret ingredient, which we will reveal later in this article.

what is a chocolate ganache?

Simply put, a chocolate ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is used for a cake filling, frosting or glazing cakes, decorating cupcakes, or as a filling for your pastries and even your chocolate truffles. It will help to uplift any of your baked goods from a taste and decorative perspective.

How can you make a chocolate ganache?

First, you’ll need to melt the chocolate using a bain-marie method. Ensure that the chocolate is not touching the water and that no water vapor enters the bowl! Water is the enemy here! Place your chocolate coins or chopped chocolate in a glass bowl with hot cream. Pour the hot cream into the bowl holding the chocolate coins and keep mixing until the cream and chocolate have been well combined. As you keep mixing the ganache will become like a thick chocolate mixture. So that is your standard basic ganache.

the secret to making your ganache shiny

And now for that secret ingredient:

It’s glucose! Glucose will help give your ganache that irresistible, gorgeous shine, even after it has cooled down. 

Ingredients for Shiny Ganache:

  • 100 ml Hot Cream
  • 70 g Chocolate coins
  • 2 tbsp Glucose

The procedure is the same. You just need to add your chocolate coins to a bowl and pour the hot cream over the coins. You’ll want the cream to be almost scalding hot. Add the glucose and stir and mix until it creates a glossy and thick ganache.

The best thing is that it stays glossy even after being refrigerated.

adding flavors to your ganache

You can add your own twist to the ganache by giving it extra flavoring. Here are some flavors you should consider adding to your ganache:

  • Add a splash of coffee to your ganache to give it that coffee kick.
  • The classic vanilla and chocolate combination is unbeatable! Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to give it some extra flavor punch.
  • Add a bit of ground sea salt to enhance your chocolate ganache flavor. Chocolate and salt are truly a match made in heaven. Try it.
  • Want something fresh and tangy? Add some orange or lime zest to give your ganache a citrusy kick.
  • Love peanuts? Add some peanut butter to your ganache. Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic combination and will work like magic in a ganache.

To ensure your ganache stays smooth, shiny, and glossy, add in the extra flavoring while heating. Then, mix them until well-combined with the chocolate.

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