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5 Ideas for Chocolate Cake Fillings and Toppings

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Let’s talk more about chocolate cakes, because who doesn’t love chocolate cakes.

Chocolate cakes are the perfect treat for any occasion, whether a big celebration like someone’s birthday or wedding, or just as an indulgent delicacy for yourself at the end of a long and tiring day.

One is sure not to get bored of chocolate cakes. After all, there are so many ways that you can get creative with it. Changing up your chocolate cake’s fillings and toppings can totally transform your chocolate cake’s flavor, texture and overall feel.

Are you looking for chocolate cake fillings and toppings ideas? Well, we have them right here! Read on to get five ideas for chocolate cake fillings and toppings.

5 Chocolate Cake Filling and Toppings Ideas

Here is a list of fillings and toppings that you can add to your chocolate cake. Each item listed can be used as a filling and as a topping. But of course, you can combine one item with the other to create amazing flavor and texture combinations.

1. Mascarpone cream


Mascarpones make a really great addition to your chocolate cake. It is light, it is fluffy and it is so smooth – everything you want a topping to be. It’s also stable and holds its shape at room temperature well, so it can be shaped and spread anyway you want.

For those who aren’t very familiar with it, mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese made from cow’s milk. It can be used in a lot of ways, including for desserts like tiramisu and cheesecake.

2. Raspberry


Raspberries pair so well with chocolate, it’s no surprise that we recommend them as a filling and topping for your chocolate cake. It has a tart and tangy taste that complements the bitterness of chocolate really nicely.

For filling, you can cook down fresh or frozen raspberries to concentrate the filling mixture. This creates a thick mixture that enhances the raspberry flavor. Don’t forget to strain the mixture using a mesh strainer so you won’t get raspberry seeds in it.

For topping, we recommend using fresh raspberries to add that oomph to your chocolate cake. Not to forget that red raspberries create a great contrast, whether on top of a dark chocolate cake or a white chocolate cake.

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3. Lemon


If you prefer a more citrusy taste, then opt for lemons! Lemons are bright, and zippy; they also add an amazing freshness to your chocolate cake. We love adding lemon curds as a filling for white chocolate cake. Unlike jams which contain the whole fruit, lemon curd is made using just the juice, so the flavor is bolder and more citrusy. It also has a great smooth and creamy texture.

As a topping, you can add a layer of lemon curd, or you can make a lemon curd frosting. You can also use a combination of lemon curd and mascarpone cream to add an extra creaminess to your cake.

4. Vanilla buttercream


Vanilla buttercream is rich, sweet, and very decadent. Just a perfect match for dark chocolate cakes. They are also so easy to make: all you need is butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and cream.

They are great not only for filling, but also for toppings. You can even use vanilla buttercream as both filling and topping in the same cake to make it extra indulgent.

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5. Chocolate ganache


There is no way that we can forget chocolate ganache. You simply can’t go wrong with it. Chocolate ganache is even easier to make, you only need two ingredients! That is, chocolate and cream. But of course, you can add other ingredients like butter if you prefer. If you want to make your own chocolate ganache, head over to this article.

Whatever you add to your ganache, make sure to use the best chocolate you have. We recommend our Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 65% for a balanced bittersweet ganache. Or, if you want something more intense and more chocolaty, you can opt for our Embassy Continental Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 75%.

Best Type of Chocolate for Making Cake Filling and Topping

To make chocolate cake filling and topping, we recommend using chocolate that has little added sugar in them. The reason being is that you can control the sweetness of the cake batter by adding sugar when making your chocolate cake. We suggest using chocolate that has 60% or higher cocoa percentage. This gives your chocolate cake an intense chocolate flavor and aroma. That’s why in the last point, we recommend using our Oceanic 65% and Continental 75%.

But of course, it’s a different case if you want to make a white chocolate filling and topping. After all, white chocolate is a great sweet and creamy addition to your cake. It is also the perfect blank canvas if you want to add color to your cake. For white chocolate filling and topping, we recommend Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%, one of our best-selling products. It is loved for its rounded profile and its rich creaminess.

For more information about our products, go to our product page. If you have any questions about how to apply chocolate to your products, get in touch with our consultants here.

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