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How to Thicken a Runny Ganache?

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Is your chocolate ganache to runny for your desired application? Don’t worry, because Embassy Chocolate has a solution for you.

What is a Ganache?

Ganache is essentially a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is made by boiling the cream, then adding the chocolate into the cream, then mixing it together until well combined.

Generally, ganache is used as a filling for cakes, cookies, and pralines. You can also use ganache as a topping, frosting or glazing for your cakes and desserts. Ganache can also be used as a dipping or chocolate sauce. It is truly a versatile application that can be altered just by changing the ratio of the cream and chocolate or changing the method.

How to Make a Simple Ganache

making a ganache

To make a simple chocolate ganache, you need your chocolate and cream in the ratio of 1:1, meaning that if you use 500 grams of chocolate, then you would need 500 grams of cream.

First of all, chop your chocolate into small pieces if you are using chocolate bars. If you are using chocolate coins, then you don’t need to chop it. Put the chocolate in a heatproof bowl.

Heat the cream until simmering, then turn off the heat and pour into the chocolate. If you heat it until boiling, the cream will be too hot and it can burn the chocolate or cause it to separate.

Let it rest for a while before mixing chocolate and cream together until it’s mixed well. To create an evenly mixed and smooth mixture, use a hand blender and emulsify the ganache.

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Uses for Chocolate Ganache

With different consistencies, you can use ganache for different applications:

  • As a filling for cupcakes, pastries, and cake layers
  • As a topping or coating for pastries, cookies and cakes
  • As a frosting for cupcakes and cakes. To create a ganache frosting, whip your ganache as you would a whipping cream. For a firmer texture, we recommend to temper the chocolate first
  • As a glazing for cakes. You can also create a chocolate drip decoration for your cake. Store your cake in the fridge beforehand, then drip the ganache onto your cake using a spoon, a piping bottle, or a piping bag
  • As a piping decoration for cakes and cupcakes
  • As a dipping sauce for churros, as a hot fudge sauce for ice cream, or as a base for mousse cake
  • Roll into a ball to make truffles, or use as a filling in pralines

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How to Thicken a Runny Ganache 

thicken ganache how to

Here are a few things you can do to fix your runny ganache, recommended by our chocolatiers at Embassy Chocolate.

1. Add more chocolate

If your ganache’s fluidity is too high, it most likely means the ganache contains too much cream. Therefore, the texture becomes more runny and liquid-like. Therefore, our chefs recommend you to add chopped chocolate into the ganache to thicken it back. If you are using chocolate coins, then you don’t need to chop it up. The more chocolate you add into the ganache, the thicker your ganache will be.

2. Cool it down first

Another way to fix your runny ganache is by cooling your ganache down first before using it. It is very easy to do, all you have to do is wrap the ganache with plastic wrap and store it in the fridge, at least for an hour. After that, you can mix the ganache again with a mixer to thicken the texture.

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Troubleshooting Chocolate Ganache

When making a ganache, a thin consistency isn’t the only issue that you can run into. Some issues that can come up is a gritty or greasy texture, a split ganache, or the ganache not setting. But don’t worry, we have got some tips for you to prevent these problems from happening.

1. Don’t use a balloon whisk

Using a balloon whisk will incorporate too much air into the mixture, which could cause the fat to separate and turn greasy. Instead, use a spoon or a rubber spatula.

2. Don’t let water in

One of the reasons your ganache seizes is because water was incorporated into it. Water is the number one enemy to chocolate, and just one drop of water could cause the ingredients in your ganache to separate. Make sure your work surface and equipment are dry, and be careful of letting in water droplets or steam into your ganache.

3. Don’t let the cream boil

If the cream gets too hot, it will overheat the fat in the chocolate and cause it to separate. Therefore, do not let the cream boil, and only bring it to a simmer. When it does, immediately remove it from the heat.

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