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The High Tea Experience: Bringing #ProudlyAsian Chocolate to Singapore

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(29/03/2023) Embassy Chocolate partners with Phoon Huat Pte Ltd to present The Embassy Chocolate High Tea Experience at The White Marble restaurant, Singapore. The event is held to celebrate the launch of Embassy Chocolate in Singapore. 

The high tea event aims to inspire foodservice professionals who are looking to offer unique and delicious chocolate experiences to their customers. Guests are presented with a decadent array of chocolate applications using familiar Asian flavours with a modern chocolate twist. The dishes include Onde-Onde Bonbon, Bubur Cha Cha Cake, and Nasi Lemak Petit Four, among many others, all created using Embassy Chocolate’s products.

Pipit Yulianti, Product Manager of Embassy Chocolate, explains how the couverture chocolate brand could help foodservice professionals to make avant-garde creations. “Our Onde-Onde Bonbon, for example, contains a sweet Palm Sugar Coulis with a fragrant and creamy Pandan Coconut Ganache, which incorporates our Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33% and Embassy Oceanic Dark Couverture Chocolate 65%. It goes to show that creativity has no limits with the help of our chocolate’s versatile flavour profile.”

Made using a blend of selected cocoa beans from Asia and Africa, the Embassy Chocolate. couverture chocolate products are well-known for their high fluidity and workability, making them easy for foodservice professionals to handle. The brand is backed by a strong technical team that can offer recipe development and consultation services.

“Like New World Wine where producers blend grapes from around the world to create a wine with consistent flavour and quality, we call our products New World Chocolate – we use selected cocoa beans to create a unique blend of flavours, while also guaranteeing the consistency of our product quality and supply all year round,” Pipit explained. 

Supporting the #ProudlyAsian Community

 Nasi Lemak Petit Four Singapore-1

Nasi Lemak Petit Four

By showcasing local flavours, Embassy Chocolate not only cements its #ProudlyAsian tagline, but also encourages foodservice professionals and consumers to support products made in Asia.

“Right now, there is a growing localism movement where consumers support locally made products, and correspondingly, businesses opt to make products with locally made ingredients to serve to those consumers,” said Arvid Yap, Head of Marketing of Embassy Chocolate. 

“It’s not just about being proud to use products made in Asia, but also about showing their support to the Asian community, and choosing products that have a small carbon footprint. Embassy Chocolate is here to provide Asian-made quality couverture chocolate that chefs and foodservice professionals can be proud of using.”

About Embassy Chocolate

Embassy Chocolate is a flagship couverture chocolate brand under PT Freyabadi Indotama. We have more than 27 years of chocolate manufacturing experience and have provided products and solutions that satisfy our clients and customers' demands in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and African region. We have supplied products to companies across the South East Asian region, ranging from HoReCa, bakeries, home bakers and chocolatiers, all the way to the snack and beverage industry.

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Embassy Chocolate products are available on the Kiosk Cokelat Official Store in Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli and (Indonesia only). If you need a large volume or are outside Indonesia, please visit our Contact Us page here.

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