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Embassy Single Origin: The First Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Embassy Chocolate

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At Embassy Chocolate, we are proud to present our first bean-to-bar chocolate product: The Embassy Davao 67% Single Origin Chocolate.

We are confident that we’ve created a couverture chocolate product that not only showcases how complex a chocolate flavour profile can be, but also has a performance that complies with our high standards, and more importantly, is sustainable.

Through a rigorous research & development process, we are proud to present our Embassy Single Origin.

The Embassy Single Origin is an exclusive, limited edition collection that features bean-to-bar chocolates with a unique character that delightfully engage the five senses – perfect for foodservice professionals who are looking to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their customers.


Complexity in its flavor profile

The flavor profile of a piece of chocolate is determined not only by how the cacao beans are processed, but also by where they’re grown. The taste and aroma of cocoa beans are heavily influenced by the soil characteristics, climate and geography of the specific country, region or plantation, termed terroir.

Our team of chefs and R&D professionals have tasted beans from different terroirs all over the world, and selected beans which beautifully captured the complexity and taste profile that we are after. 


Tasting notes & applications

The first in the Embassy Single Origin line, the Davao Single Origin Dark Chocolate 67%, has a well-balanced profile between the complexity of dark chocolate and pleasant prominent tropical fruit flavour and a hint of roasted nuts.

For chefs and foodservice professionals, the uniqueness of Embassy Single Origin chocolate empowers you to present your customers with a special experience that they can’t find anywhere else. And with the renowned high performance our products are known for, you can easily create outstanding products, anything from confectionery chocolate bars and pralines, cakes and pastries, to ganaches and mousses.

For inspiration, check out our Davao 67% Royale Tart recipe: complex and rich in taste and texture, made with our Embassy Davao Single Origin Dark Chocolate 67%.


Traceable & sustainable

Creating a single-origin chocolate product has presented us with a great opportunity to pinpoint its traceability. Focusing further on the sustainability aspect of our chocolate, we choose to work with suppliers who prioritise this in their practices.

We chose Davao as the origin for our Embassy Single Origin inaugural product not only because of its unique cacao flavour profile, but also for its sustainability aspects. Our cacao bean supplier actively participates in the MEDA Resilience and Inclusion through Investment for Sustainable Agrikultura project, assisting the smallholder farmers in Davao to cultivate cacao through sustainable practices. They also have a circular process flow in their post-harvest facility, where every part of the bean is repurposed or returned to the earth as compost.



As an Indonesian couverture chocolate brand, Embassy Chocolate is proud to provide quality chocolate for foodservice professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. We fully encourage chefs and businesses who support the use of local products in their applications, which in turn supports the local economy and decreases the carbon footprint of product transit.

The Embassy Single Origin is proudly made by chocolate professionals in our factory in Karawang, East Java, Indonesia. After the cacao beans are fermented and dried, they are brought to our facility in Karawang, where our expert R&D team craft them into quality couverture chocolate using our state-of-the-art machinery.


Exclusive & limited

The quantity or quality of the cacao beans in a producing region may vary from year to year, depending on the season and other supporting factors such as rainfall intensity, pest invasion and tree age.

Naturally, this impacts the production of chocolate made using cacao beans from a single origin such as our Embassy Single Origin, making the Embassy Single Origin Davao 67% an exclusive product available for a limited amount of time.

There’s no time to waste in creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. Contact our sales team now to get more information about pricing and other inquiries.

Click the button below to get in touch with our sales team.



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