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Triple Textured Chocolate Verrine

The ultimate chocolate dessert in a glass that features triple layers of heaven. Very easy to make and great for parties or as a dessert.

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1. Chocolate Cream


250g Milk
250g Whipping cream
30g Sugar
80g Egg yolk
200g Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Chocolate Couverture 65%



- Bring milk and whipping cream to a boil
- Beat the egg yolk and sugar
- Pour milk and cream into the egg yolk, cook until it reaches 82°C
- Pour into melted chocolate, mix well
- Blend with a hand blender until smooth



2. Chocolate Chantilly


170g Whipping cream
40g Glucose
150g Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Chocolate Couverture 65%
60g Embassy Azalea Milk Chocolate Couverture 34%
6g Gelatin, bloom with 30 g water
250g Whipped cream


- Heat up the 170 gram cream and glucose. Pour into chocolate and mix well
- Add bloomed gelatin
- Lastly, add and mix with 250 gram whipping cream
- Cover the mixture with cling film. Note that the cling film needs to touch the surface of the mixture, preventing it from drying out. Rest overnight in the chiller before whipping it
- Whip the mixture before using it to decorate



3. Chocolate streusel


170g Butter
170g Brown sugar
2g Sea salt
140g Low protein flour
170g Almond flour


- Whip butter and brown sugar until well combined
- Add salt, flour and almond flour and mix until it has a sandy texture
- Bake until golden brown at 160 C for 8-10 minutes. Check every 3 minutes to prevent it from burning



4. AssemblY

- Prepare the glass to assemble the verrine
- Place the streusel on the bottom of the glass
- Add in the chocolate cream
- Lastly, decorate with chocolate chantilly


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