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Embassy Recipes

Jasmine Milk Tea Choux

This jasmine milk tea choux redefines the light and fluffy pastry that we fell in love with way back then.

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1. Choux Pastry


125g Water
125g Milk
100g Butter
5g Salt
150g High protein flour
200g Egg


- Boil water, milk, butter, and salt together
- Add in the flour. Mix and continue to cook until the flour absorbs all the liquid
- Transfer the batter into a mixing bowl, cool it down with the paddle, and add eggs gradually
- Transfer into a piping bag and pipe it in the desired size



2. Craquelin


100g Butter
100g Sugar
100g Medium protein flour


- Mix the butter and sugar together until well combined
- Add in the flour and continue to mix until well combined
- Cover and put in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, then roll and cut the dough
- Put the craquelin dough on top of the choux pastry batter
- Bake at 180-185°C for ± 20 minutes or until golden brown



3. Jasmine Tea Diplomat Cream


150g Milk
5g Jasmine tea powder
40g Egg yolk
35g Sugar
13g Cornflour
10g Custard powder
2g Gelatin, bloom with 10g cold water
80g Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%
50g Unsalted butter
150g Whipped cream


- Boil the milk and turn off the stove. Add jasmine tea powder, cover and infuse it for 20 minutes, then strain the milk
- Mix egg yolk, a bit of the strained milk, and all dry ingredients together in a bowl
- Heat again the rest of the milk until it simmers. Pour it over the egg mixture and keep stirring, otherwise, it will become scrambled
- Pour the mixture back into the pan and heat it on the stove again. While continuing to stir, put the bloomed gelatin inside
- Pour the hot mixture over the white chocolate and blend with a hand blender until smooth
- Put the mixture in a tray and put it in the fridge for a while to cool down
- Blend the mixture with butter until it is all incorporated
- Lastly, fold the whipped cream into the mixture then put it into a piping bag





75g Cream
17g Glucose
160g Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%
220g Cream
2g Gelatin, bloom with 10g cold water


- Heat up the 75 gram cream. Pour onto the white chocolate then directly add glucose and blend using a hand blender until emulsified
- Add melted bloomed gelatin into the chocolate and mix well
- Add 220 gram cold cream and mix until well combined
- Cover the mixture with cling wrap. Note that the cling film needs to touch the surface of the mixture to prevent it from drying out. Rest overnight in the chiller before whipping it
- Whip the mixture before using it to decorate



5. Assembly

- Pipe the jasmine tea diplomat cream into the baked choux
- Pipe the chantilly on top of the choux
- Decorate with brown sugar boba, gold leaf and chocolate decoration (optional)


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