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Embassy Recipes

Gado-Gado Tart


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1. sugar dough


120g Unsalted butter
50g Icing sugar
1g Salt
45 Eggs
200g Medium protein flour
25g Almond powder



- Cream the butter with icing sugar and salt in a mixing bowl using a beater
- Add in the eggs slowly, don’t forget to scrape the sides of the bowl
- Add in the flours while mixing until well combined
- Cover the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes
- Roll the sugar dough as thin as possible (2-3 mm) in between 2 parchment paper
- Cut the dough into the shape of the heart-shaped tart ring and chill again for 10 minutes
- Brush the tart ring with butter
- Place the dough on a tray lined with Silpat and shape the sides of the tart dough to the tart ring
- Poke the dough gently all the way through with a fork
- Bake the tart at 160°C for 10 minutes and 150°C for 2 minutes



2. gado-gado ganache



- Heat the cream until below boil, approximately 90°C
- Pour the cream into the chocolate, mix well
- Add butter and glucose, then blend until emulsified



3. palm sugar chantilly


150g Cream
12g Glucose
14g Palm sugar
90g Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%
6g Gelatin
230g Cold cream



- Heat cream, glucose and palm sugar, then stir until the sugar dissolves
- Pour the cooked liquid into the chocolate and mix well
- Add melted bloomed gelatin then blend until emulsified



4. tamarind coulis


150g Water
20g Tamarind
10g Sugar
1g Pectin



- Mix the sugar with pectin
- Cook water and tamarind then directly add the sugar and pectin mixture
- Cook until 102°C



5. kaffir lime almond cream


50g Unsalted butter
20g Sugar
50g Whole eggs
70g Almond powder
5.7g Chopped kaffir lime



- Mix the unsalted butter and sugar
- Add in the eggs gradually
- Add in the almond powder and chopped kaffir lime, then beat together until well combined


6. assembly


- Put the Kaffir Lime Almond Cream into the Sugar Dough and bake at 165°C for about 20-25 minutes. Cool down to room temperature
- After cooled down, add the Gado-Gado Ganache on top
- Whip the Palm Sugar Chantilly and decorate on top of the tart
- Add the Tamarind Coulis and chocolate decoration as desired


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