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Chocolate Petit Choux

Chocolate petit choux - 1-1


Recipe instruction

1. SUGAR Dough


135g Butter
75g Icing sugar
1.5g Salt
20g Egg
200g Flour



- Mix the butter and add the icing sugar, salt and egg and mix well. Then, add the flour and mix well
- Roll out the dough until 3 mm thick
- Bake at 155°C for around 15 minutes
- Use as a base for the Petit Choux



2. Choux Pastry Dough


125g Water
125g Milk
100g Butter
5g Salt
150g High protein flour
200g Egg



- Boil the water, milk, butter and salt together
- Add in the flour, then mix and continue to cook until the flour absorbs all the liquid
- Transfer the batter into a mixing bowl and cool it down with a paddle while adding the eggs gradually
- Transfer into a piping bag and pipe it into the desired size


3. Craquelin


100g Butter
140g Sugar
140g Medium protein flour



- Mix the butter and sugar together until well combined
- Add in the flour and continue mixing until well combined
- Roll at 2 mm and freeze for 15-20 minutes and cut the dough into the desired size
- Put the craquelin on top of the Choux Pastry
- Bake at 165°C for 30 minutes



4. Dark Chocolate Pastry Cream


600g Milk
10g Earl grey tea
75g Sugar
3pcs Egg yolks
35g Cornstarch
50g Butter
150g Embassy Continental Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 75%



- Boil the milk and infuse with earl grey tea for 10 minutes
- Mix the sugar, egg yolks, then add the cornstarch
- Strain the tea and pour over the egg mixture, then boil for 2 minutes
- Add the butter, then add the chocolate
- Cling wrap it, making sure the plastic touches the surface. Keep in the refrigerator
- Pipe the pastry cream in the Petit Choux before serving



5. Milk Chocolate Chantilly


150g Cream
10g Earl grey tea
30g Glucose
150g Embassy Azalea Milk Couverture Chocolate 34%
250g Cream



- Boil the 150-gram cream with the tea and infuse for 5 minutes
- Strain, then boil the cream again with glucose to make a ganache with the milk chocolate. Then, emulsify with a hand blender
- Add the remaining 250-gram cold cream and mix well
- Keep it in the fridge overnight and whip the next day
- Use as a decoration on top of the Choux



Chocolate petit choux - 1-1
Chocolate petit choux - 2-1
Chocolate petit choux - 4-1
Chocolate petit choux - 3-1

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