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Brownie Cheese Travel Cake

Brownie cheese travel cake hero



1. sugar dough



175g Butter
175g Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Chocolate Couverture 65%
210g Eggs
320g Sugar
5g Vanilla essence
140g Cake flour
40g Cocoa powder
1g Baking powder
1g Baking soda



- Melt the butter together with dark chocolate
- Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together in a mixer with paddle attachment until well combined



2. Cream Cheese Layer



200g Cream cheese
100g Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%
2 Egg yolks




- Mix the room temperature cream cheese and melted white chocolate manually
- While continuing to mix, add egg yolks one by one until well combined



3. assembly


- Layer the 2 mixtures in a silicon mold to create a marble effect
- Bake at 150°C for 40-45 minutes



Brownie cheese travel cake 1
Brownie cheese travel cake 2
Brownie cheese travel cake 3
Brownie cheese travel cake 4

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