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Tempeh Praline

Tempeh praline 2-1


Recipe instruction


1. tempeh ganache


200g Tempeh
1g Salt
80g Crunchy tempe (chopped)
200g Embassy Oceanic Blend Dark Couverture Chocolate 65%
340g Embassy Azalea Milk Couverture Chocolate 34%
80g Glucose
110g Oil



- Slice tempeh into thin layers and roast until crunchy
- Blend some of the roasted tempeh into a powder using a food processor, and chop the others into small pieces for a different texture
- Melt the chocolate, then add melted glucose and oil and mix well
- Add the salt, roasted tempeh powder and roasted tempeh pieces, mix well
- Pour the ganache into the frame and let it set. Do not keep it in the fridge, otherwise it cannot be cut smoothly
- Cut using a guitar cutter into 2 x 2 cm pieces



2. coconut ganache


Green cocoa butter coloring
Gold powder dust
Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33%



- Cut a sheet of plastic into 2 x 5 cm
- Brush the plastic with tempered green cocoa butter coloring and let it set
- Brush with gold powder dust, then spread tempered Embassy Zen White Chocolate 33% and directly cover the tempeh ganache
- Put in the fridge for about 10 minutes, then take out the plastic


Tempeh praline 1-1
Tempeh praline 2-1
Tempeh praline 3-1
Tempeh praline 4-1

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