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White Chocolate and Chia Seed Cookies

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100g Marzipan
55g Brown sugar
40g Sugar
30g Chia seeds
90g Water
80g Coconut oil
190g Flour
4g Baking powder
3g Baking soda
1g Salt
90g Embassy Zen 33% White Chocolate Couverture
90g Roasted cashew nuts, chopped
30g Coarse sea salt



- Add water into a bowl of chia seeds, and let the chia seeds bloom
- Heat the marzipan in the microwave on medium heat for 10-20 seconds
- Into a mixer, add marzipan and mix with a paddle at low speed
- Add in brown sugar and sugar, mix well
- Slowly pour in the chia seeds, water and coconut oil
- Add in all the dry ingredients, including the white chocolate and roasted cashew nuts
- Shape the dough into 30-gram balls
- Flatten the dough a bit and add coarse sea salt as a topping
- Bake at 183 °C for 8 minutes


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