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Orange Chocolate Cake

250 gram Egg
125 gram Caster Sugar
75 gram Honey
5 gram Orange Zest
75 gram Ground Almond
120 gram Cake Flour
25 gram Cocoa Powder
8 gram Baking Powder
120 gram Cream
75 gram Butter
50 gram Embassy Oceanic Blend 65% Dark Chocolate

  • Whip egg, sugar and honey until pale
  • Fold in all dry ingredients and then room temperature cream
  • Melt the butter and chocolate
  • Fold in the melted butter and chocolate to the mixture slowly
  • Pour into the greased tunnel mould
  • Bake 140o C for 50 – 60 minutes
  • After baked and cold, soak with orange honey orange juice


Tunnel Filling

150 gram Dairy Cream
5 gram Nutmeg
11 gram Cinnamon
1 gram Clove
1 gram Cumin
1 stick Vanilla Pod
5 gram Star Anise
60 gram Embassy Oceanic Blend 65% Dark Chocolate
20 gram Glucose
25 gram Butter

  • Heat the cream then add all the spices, bring it to infuse for 20 minutes
  • Sieve the cream to tempered chocolate
  • Add in the glucose and butter, emulsify it with hand blender


Honey Orange Juice

500 gram Sugar
500 gram Water
1 piece Orange Zest
½ piece Lemon Zest
1 stick Vanilla Pod

  • Boil together all the ingredients, covered and let it cool



50 gram Embassy Oceanic Blend 65% Dark Chocolate

There is an impetus here throughout to promote learning strategies that are more varied, distinctive, creative, and enriching and which also foster a more familiar working relationship between students and educators.

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