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Chocolate Tunnel Cake

Chocolate Cake

150 gram Egg
30 gram Egg Yolk
65 gram Bordeaux Cocoa Powder
300 gram Castor Sugar
300 gram Fresh Milk
200 gram Medium Flour
10 gram Baking Powder
250 gram Butter

  • Heat the milk, add the Bordeaux Cocoa Powder, stir well
  • Beat butter & sugar until pale and creamy, pour the eggs slowly until well develop
  • Sieved flour and baking powder together and fold into the egg and butter mixture, using low speed
  • Fold in the milk and cocoa mixture by hand
  • Greased the tunnel mould and pour the cake batter into it
  • Bake 180o C for + 50 minutes
  • After baked and cold, soak with cocoa simple syrup


Tunnel Filling

300 gram Cream
300 gram Embassy Oceanic Blend 65% Dark Chocolate
100 gram Embassy Azalea 34% Milk Chocolate

  • Heat the cream, pour to the chocolates
  • Blend it with hand blender until emulsify


Cocoa Simple Syrup

250 gram Sugar
250 gram Water
10 gram Bordeaux Cocoa Powder

  • Boil together all ingredients and let it cool



250 gram Embassy Equatorial Blend 56% Dark Chocolate

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